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evHC Schedule (Part-Time)


The Higher Certificate in Software Development programme is delivered by night on a part-time basis over two stages. Each year is divided into two 13 week teaching semesters and depending on availability, students can take up to 6 modules each semester. Semesters normally have modules with a value of 5 ECTS credits giving 30 ECTS credits per semester and a total of 60 ECTS credits per year. A 2-stage level 6 Higher Certificate has 120 ECTS credits. Elective modules are normally posted at the start of each academic year, sample elective options are shown below.

The tables below list the modules in each semester of the progrmme and contain hyperlinks to module descriptors. Each module descriptor contains detailed information such as learning outcomes, indicative content, assessment methods, etc. CRN is the Course Registration Number and is needed when registering for a module.

Year (Stage) 1 - Semester 1 - september 2018

Modules Day & Time CRN
Web Development Fundamentals (SOFT6007) Monday 6pm -10pm 13980
Computer Security Principles (COMP6035) Tuesday 6pm - 10pm 26724
Maths for Computer Science (MATH6055) Wednesday 6pm - 10pm 26723
Programming Fundamentals (SOFT6018) Thursday 6pm - 10pm 23847
Computer Architecture (COMH6002) Friday 6pm - 10pm 13571
Creativity, Innovation & Teamwork (CMOD6001) Saturday 9am - 1pm 13570


YEAR (STAGE) 2 - Semester 1 - SEPTEMBER 2018

Modules Day & Time CRN
Database Design (SOFT7022) Monday 6pm - 10pm 26725
Requirements Engineering (SOFT7007) Tuesday 6pm - 10pm 26726
Linear Data Structures & Algorithms (COMP7035) Wednesday 6pm - 10pm 26727
Server-side Web Development (SOFT7008) Thursday 6pm - 10pm 18048
Object Oriented Principles (SOFT7004) Friday 6pm -10pm 23862
Operating Systems (SOFT7006) Saturday 9am - 1pm 26728


YEAR (STAGE) 1 - Semester 2 - JANUARY 2019

Modules Day & Time CRN
Operating Systems in Practice (COMP604) Monday 6pm - 10pm 26777
Introduction to Databases (COMP6041) Tuesday 6pm - 10pm 26776
Discrete Mathematics (MATH6004) Wednesday 6pm - 10pm 20056
Modular Programming (SOFT6017) Thursday 6pm - 10pm 23848
Physical Computing (COMP6043) Friday 6pm -10pm 26778
Networking Fundamentals (COMP6027) Saturday 9am - 1pm 23849


YEAR (STAGE) 2 - Semester 2 - January 2019

Modules Day & Time CRN
OO Analysis and Design (SOFT7005) Monday 6pm - 10pm 22823
NoSQL Data Architectures (COMP7037) Tuesday 6pm - 10pm 26779
Probability & Statistics (STAT7007) Wednesday 6pm - 10pm 26780
Systems Scripting (COMP7044) Thursday 6pm - 10pm 26781
Object-Oriented Programming (COMP7013) Friday 6pm -10pm 18045
C Programming (SOFT7019) Saturday 9am - 1pm 26782



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