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  1. How do I apply for the programme?

  2. What is the closing date for applying for this programme?

  3. What are the programme fees for the MSc in Cloud Computing?

  4. What prior knowledge and qualifications will a student need in order to apply?

  5. When will offers be made?

  6. What if I don't meet the normal eligibility requirements for a course?

  7. Can I progress from the BSc (Hons) in Cloud Computing programme to the MSc programme?

  8. I have a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems, can I apply?

  9. What is CIT's Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

  10. Where can I get further information about the MSc in Cloud Computing programme?

  11. What other costs are involved in taking this programme?

  12. Can I pay fees per semester?

  13. How is the programme offered?

  14. How long will it take a student to complete the programme?

  15. Will I have to buy any extra software?

  16. Is this online degree programme accredited?

  17. Is there an orientation programme?

  18. I do not have a Level 8 degree but I have achieved significant on-the-job learning, can I apply?

  19. Java and high-level programming are not my strong points, do I have options?

  20. Will all the study be Internet based?

  21. What time do the lectures take place?

  22. I have completed an Honours Degree in Architectural Technology, can I apply?

  23. When will assessments take place?

  24. Will the final degree reflect that I earned it through an online programme?

  25. I am based in Dubai, can I apply for this MSc programme?

  26. Do I need programming/development experience to apply?

  27. Is attendance at the orientation programme optional?

  28. Do my fees change each year?

  29. How am I invoiced?