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Ignacio Castiñeiras


Ignacio graduated with a BSc, MSc and PhD in Computer Science from Complutense University of Madrid. He also graduated with a MEd from the same university. His research interests include: artificial intelligence, green computing, combinatorial optimisation problems and (imperative and declarative) programming languages.

The primary focus of his PhD was on optimisation and decision analytics, more specifically on the application of Constraint Programming to real-life constraint satisfaction and optimisation problems. As a post-doctoral researcher, he worked on the development of scalable decision support tools to optimise the workload allocation in single and geographically distributed data centres.

Ignacio is also a member of the Ríomh research group, specialised in the application of data analytics to real-life Cloud Computing and Internet of the Things-based problems.

For more information about Ignacio's research, please click HERE.


Dr Ignacio Castiñeiras
Department of Computer Science

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