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Software Development BSc (Hons)


BSc (Hons) Software DevelopmentIf you intend to study in a modern, industry-connected Department of Computer Science you have a choice between Software Development and Information Technology. The BSc (Hons) Software Development is the flagship Software Development degree in this region, nothing else comes close. Ask any industry expert and they will tell you the same.

If you have a passion for programming this flagship bachelor’s degree in software development can open up multiple career opportunities for you. The BSc (Hons) in Software Development degree programme will provide you with the essential skills to become a software engineer of first-rate software using a variety of languages and modern platforms.

Software engineers design and develop large complex systems. These include the systems used in industry, banking, manufacturing, financial services, Internet, logistics, technology and medical applications, to name but a few. Click this link or the image over to download the programme flyer which contains links to all programme modules.

a modern industry-linked degree

In this modern industry-linked degree, you will study relevant up-to-date modules. The programme was designed with several module pillars. These pillars include Computer Science, Software Development, Data Science, Operating Systems and Software Engineering. For example, the Software Development pillar takes you on a journey from Programming Fundamentals to Modular Programming to Object Oriented Principles to Object Oriented Programming to Distributed Systems Programming to App Development Frameworks topping out with Data Driven Microservices. Along your journey, you will also encounter C Programming, Programming Mobile Devices and Security for Software Systems.

BSc (Hons) Software Development Programme Schedule

The Data Science pillar starts with an Introduction to Databases before moving on to Database Design, NoSQL Data Architectures, Programming for Data Analytics, Machine Learning and finally Big Data & Analytics. Please click here or the programme schedule button for full module details.

Work Plac​ement

The programme has a significant work placement element where students are placed with selected employers for up to 9 months starting in January of year three. This is normally a paid placement where you will gain significant on-the-job experience. 

Possible Areas of Employment and Career Opportunities

You will have career opportunities in Cork, Ireland and abroad. These career opportunities may be with large technology companies such as IBM, EMC, McAfee, Google, Johnson Controls, Pilz or with Irish companies such as Teamwork. Or graduates work in a diverse range of roles and find employment in other sectors such as FinTech, Banking, Health, Energy, Government Departments, Insurance, Media, Research, Pharmaceutical, Sales, and Agriculture.


The Department of Computer Science at MTU Cork is one of the largest Computer Science departments in Ireland. We offer a range of modern undergraduate programmes and a host of opportunities at master’s degree and at PhD level. Our industry engaged programmes match the needs of our economy and have an excellent reputation for producing the most employable computer science graduates in the region. These highly skilled graduates are in huge demand and contribute significantly to the development of the region. As technology plays a greater role in our society the growth in the demand for these graduates will continue year after year.

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