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Work Placement


All undergraduate programmes have a Work Placement module in 3rd year. Work Placement is a collaboration between the student, the employer and the Department of Computer Science. Our graduates are in high demand so the Work Placement module gives employers the opportunity to obtain a skilled student for the duration of the placement and also establishes new recruitment possibilities. There are work placement opportunities in both the Level 7 and Level 8 programmes. The Work Placement module can last from 15 weeks to 9 months.

After Work Placement:

  • Level 8 students will complete one more year of study to obtain an honours degree and will then be available for graduate positions.
  • Level 7 students will obtain an ordinary degree qualification and will be immediately available for graduate positions (some may opt to enter Year 4 of one of our Level 8 programmes). 

Work Placement Recruitment Procedure

  • Recruitment begins in September/October every year.
  • Students accept the first employer offer of placement. Therefore, to access the largest number of students we advise employers to let us know of their placement requirements as soon as they can.
  • When the employer decides to hire student(s) for the Work Placement they inform the relevant Work Placement Coordinator.
  • The minimum duration of the Work Placement module is 15 weeks, beginning in January.
  • The maximum duration of the Work Placement module (which is usually the preferred option for employers) is 9 months (January to September) for the Level 8 programmes. For the Level 7 programmes, the work placement could directly convert into a graduate position if it suited both student and employer.
  • The Work Placement Coordinator will visit the student during placement at least once, normally in June.

If you are an employer and are interested in taking part in our Work Placement module or would like any further details, please contact the relevant Work Placement Coordinators, listed below. Links to all of the Programmes are also provided.

Work Placement Coordinators



Séamus Lankford

BSc (Hons) in Software Development
BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems
BSc (Hons) in Web Development

Noreen Gubbins

BSc (Hons) in IT Management


Alex Vakaloudis

BSc in Software Development

Noreen Gubbins

BSc in Information Technology


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