Deferring a m​odule or programme

When students decide to defer modules they may not be aware of the impact on their fees. The implications differ for full-time and part-time students as a portion of most full-time student fees are funded by the HEA

Part-time v Full-time​

For part-time students, deferred modules will be removed by the Admissions Office and fees will also be removed by the Fees Office if students defer before October 31st (Semester 1) or February 28th (Semester 2). In the case of full-time students, thier status will be changed to part-time (ACCS), they will be billed on a per credit basis and their tuition fees will not be funded by the HEA. If students are in receipt of a SUSI grant this will cease as they are no longer attending full-time. On March 1st, fee information for the academic year is submitted to both SUSI and the HEA and this information cannot be subsequently amended.


Deferral requests have to be submitted to the Admissions Office no later than October 31st for Semester 1 and February 28th for Semester 2.

  • Semester 1 - 31st October
  • Semester 2 - 28th February

What happens if i defer after the deadline?

If students defer after the deadlines listed above, they will be billed as a repeat student when they return to complete module(s) in a subsequent year. If there are extenuating circumstances or medical reasons for the deferral, students can make an application to the Registrar's Office using the Credit of Fees Application Form for credit of the fees paid in a prior year for the same modules. The Credit of Fees Guide contains more information on this. If this application is unsuccessful students will be required to pay the repeat fees in a subsequent year. Please submit a completed Deferral Application Form, (a Credit of Fees Application Form if applicable), medical certs, doctors letter and evidence of extenuating circumstances to the Registar's Office.

On occassion full-time repeat students opt to take modules from the next year of their programme. However, this can affect their eligibility for a grant and tuition fee funding.


Please use the following forms and guides :

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