Sem 2 Timetable

NOTE: Module Descriptors for the modules below are HERE. Each module descriptor contains detailed information such as learning outcomes, indicative content, assessment methods, etc.

semester 2 - January 2022

Week 1 to Week 13:  January 2022 - May 2022

Please see the Semester Dates & Calendar for further details.

Please note that class times listed below are based on Western European Time (WET) in Cork, Ireland. Also please note that this timetable may be subject to change.

Lecturer Module CRN M/E Day/Time
Ms Noreen Gubbins Security Management and Law 29349 M (10) Mon 6pm - 8pm
Ms Katie Power Security Management and Law 29349 M(10) Wed 6pm - 8pm
Mr Colin Manning Communications and Cybersecurity 29350 M (5) Tues 6pm - 8pm
Dr Diarmuid Grimes Fraud & Anomaly Detection 29353 E (5) Mon 8pm - 10pm
Ms Ann-Marie O'Donoghue People Management Strategies 29352 E (5) Mon 8pm - 10pm
Dr David Stynes Applied Cryptography 29351 E (5) Wed 8pm - 10pm

M = Mandatory Module, E = Elective Module, (CR) = Credits. Students take 20 credits this semester, two mandatory modules and one elective module.

NOTE on Electives: The elective listed on the timetable above is the recommended elective for your course. This has been selected based on its suitability for your course and as a result it has been scheduled to guarantee that it doesn’t clash with your mandatory module. 

There are other modules being delivered in Semester 2 on alternate MSc programmes. Students who wish to avail of a place on one of these modules may do so if it aligns with their personal career goals. Places for alternate electives are limited and not guaranteed - preference is given to students from the core MSc programme, thereafter places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Timetable clashes can occur and students may be required to view the recordings. Timetable change requests will not be facilitated.

Under no circumstances should you register for a module listed on another timetable without it first being approved by the course coordinator.

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