Kenneth Moore – Principal Software Engineer, Dell EMC | Converged Platforms and Solutions Division

“After working in manufacturing of IT equipment for over 13 years, completing the MSc. in Cloud Computing has opened up unexpected opportunities in my career path. The course itself has exceptional content and is structured to deliver all aspects of cloud computing from technical R&D right through to business operations. The modules are delivered independently of each other using SME’s who are obviously very current in their fields.

On reflection of the course, the modules actually complement each other extremely well. Tying this knowledge together has allowed me to transfer into an R&D role, specifically in researching on how to apply data analysis and artificial intelligent algorithms to design and modelling of cloud infrastructure. I am certainly utilising every module studied including applying aspects of my thesis to achieve this task.

The online presence is key to the delivery model used. It demonstrates how cloud computing technology can be used to deliver a masters level program at a high standard to students across the globe. I would recommend this course to anybody thinking of working in the cloud computing or IT business.”

Shankar V Subramanian

“The MSc Cloud Computing has given me an end-to-end exposure to all aspects related to the field which would help me choose a career path either in engineering or consulting streams. Based out of India, the recorded sessions on Blackboard were extremely helpful at times when I wasn’t able to attend live classes at odd hours. The professors were also very responsive when contacted offline as well. The course content and practical assignments were very challenging and helped me to raise my own bar. The course has given me the courage to survive in a world-class environment with peers from different backgrounds. I am proud to be one of the graduates in this specialization from the Cork Institute of Technology.”

Micheal Walsh

“My background is in Electronics and Software, and the MSc in Cloud Computing really helped my career. The modules are very diverse and I could pick and choose some modules that suited my career path. What I wanted from this course was to learn about big data technologies, learn a new programming language and basically learn everything about Cloud hardware from the ground up. Each of these goals was achieved in incremental steps. The lecturers are industry leaders in their own right. They know what is expected when a student enters the work place, so high standards are expected in the classroom in order for students to have the knowledge base required to excel in industry.”

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