Eddie McDaid – International Privacy Compliance Program Lead

As a mature student, I had been searching, without success for a masters that was suitable for both current and aspiring cybersecurity managers. However, that search was over when I found the MSc in Cybersecurity Management offered by MTU Cork.

To me, the course is unique, in that it encompasses the essential elements of modern cybersecurity management, including risk and compliance, cybersecurity architecture, contingency planning, law and communications. Additionally, elective modules allow students the opportunity to study business orientated topics such as strategic thinking and people management or the more technical options such as scripting and cryptography. This blend of taught content is perfect, and it is important to note that all modules are of the highest quality, delivered by highly informed and supportive lecturers.

It is widely known that there is a shortage of suitably qualified cybersecurity professionals and this extends into management. As such, this course will provide students with knowledge and skills that are both valued and in high demand. Overall the MSc in Cybersecurity Management is suitable to both those in cybersecurity and those wanting to enter this field. It is challenging; however it is also extremely rewarding. Pursuing the MSc in Cybersecurity Management is the best decision I have made, in terms of both professional development and furthering my education and I highly recommend this course to prospective students.


Mike Sampier - Senior Cyber Technology Risk Analyst

The Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Cybersecurity Management introduces a diverse range of interesting yet highly topical concepts that those working in cybersecurity experience on a daily basis.

For those looking to shift towards a more managerial-focused career within cybersecurity, this is an excellent step in the right direction as you are provided with an abundance of material delivered by helpful, flexible, and knowledgeable staff. Overall it was a worthwhile experience and one I greatly recommend


Donal Walsh - Cybersecurity Analyst

As a discipline that is growing exponentially, the area of cybersecurity is one that naturally attracts people who aren’t already in the industry. For me, as someone who has not been involved in information technology for some considerable time, the idea that I could become a cybersecurity professional seemed a fanciful one.

The Cybersecurity Management course at MTU has not only given me the opportunity to attain a broad yet comprehensive knowledge in the area, but it has already resulted me attaining work as a cybersecurity analyst. The course itself provided me with an excellent foundation for my new career, with modules that approach the topic of cybersecurity from both a management perspective and technical perspective, allowing exploration of both strands and everything in between.

The result of this has been the ability to focus on the areas of cybersecurity that interest me, allowing me to embark on my new career with knowledge that is not just useful to the role, but knowledge that I enjoy using.

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