Sem 2 Timetable

NOTE: Module Descriptors for the modules below are HERE. Each module descriptor contains detailed information such as learning outcomes, indicative content, assessment methods, etc.

Semester 2 - January 2024 (Year 1 - 2023 Intake)

Timetable for Week 1 to Week 13:  January 2024 - May 2024

Please see the Semester Dates & Calendar for further details.

Please note that class times listed below are based on Western European Time (WET) in Cork, Ireland. Also please note that this timetable may be subject to change.

Lecturer Module CRN M/E (CR) Day/Time
Ms Nancy Larbi Aissa Information Project Management TBD M (10) Mon 6-8pm
Dr Mubashir Rehmani Research Practice & Ethics TBD M (5) Tue 8-10pm
Toni Ressaire Advanced Info Design & Develop TBD M (10) Wed 6-9pm


M = Mandatory Module, E = Elective Module, (CR) = Credits. Students take 25 credits this semester, three mandatory modules.


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