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Diarmuid McCarthy – Software Developer – Decare Systems, Ireland

"I pursued the MSc in Software Development directly after finishing my Honours degree because I feared it might be difficult to get back into a routine of study if I left it for a period of years. The programme was very challenging but I found the material and the lectures to be interesting and highly informative. I completed the programme by night over 2 years and it has stood to me in so many aspects. The IT sector grows at a very fast rate so we always need to upskill and with this programme I have seen my skills increase immensely.  It was challenging but the lecturers made it easy for me so I could have taken a break between the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate studies as going back was not as difficult as I had thought it would be. I currently lecture in CIT in the area I studied and it has been most beneficial to my day job in software development."

Brendan O’Flynn – Software Developer – COREHR , Cork

"I finished my degree in Software Development and Networking (since re-titled Computer Systems) in 2006 and I was a little concerned about going back to college after such a long time away from taking classes and preparing for exams. The thought of doing 2-3 nights a week for two years seemed very daunting at first. I wasn’t sure how motivated I would be after a day of work to take these classes, but the modules were interesting and the lecturers were very helpful along the way. The benefits were immediate, as I got a position I wanted soon after the programme completed. Also, the two years went by a lot quicker than expected.  It is very important for anyone in this industry to upskill whenever possible and not only has this programme provided me with a better understanding of how to design and develop software, it has also given me the confidence to take part in other courses to improve my skillset even more. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to take a step forward in their software development career."

Aidan O Mahony – Principal Software Engineer at Dell EMC, cork

"As a software engineer with a number of years' experience behind me, I felt that some new technologies and techniques had appeared that I was not familiar with. The MSc in Software Development in CIT has many modules which exposed me to both modern and emerging trends as well as giving me a greater understanding of how to architect, design and develop complex software projects.  The lecturers in CIT are knowledgeable, encouraging, and friendly. My career certainly benefited a great deal from successfully completing this Masters degree."

Pavan Vadlamudi – Senior Software Engineer at DELL EMC, Cork

"Going back to college after a 12 year gap to pursue masters study while working full-time, was personally a daunting task. However, from the selection interview process through to the final exams, every step of the way, my lecturers and non-teaching staff in CIT were always helpful and supportive. In particular, the virtual classrooms are a really great initiative by CIT. Facilities are great and lecturers are not only knowledgeable in their field of study but they also hold real-time industry experience as well as being great motivators. The module curriculums include modern and industry standard. Classroom lectures are interactive and intuitive. During my studies, I made a lot of friends who were helpful and collaborative. For me, Masters study is not just gaining the degree, it also helped me to improve and gave me a new perspective on my work."