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Testimonials from Graduates

Before choosing a programme many students want to know what type of job will they be doing after you graduate? Some job titles you may see are

  • Software Engineer/Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • IT Security Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Developer

Smart Futures is an initiative to encourage secondary school students to study for careers in technical areas including IT. It includes interesting interviews with IT professionals as well as a list of companies in Ireland who are major employers of IT graduates.

Here are updates of what some of our graduates are doing after graduation:


BSc (Hons) in Software Development

Dr Alan McGibney - Senior Research Scientist at the Nimbus Centre

“After completing my undergraduate degree in 2003, I considered options for furthering my education and began a PhD at CIT. My PhD research involved algorithm design and the development of software support tools, both leveraging skills gained from my degree programme. Although programming technologies can change very rapidly, the degree provided me with an excellent foundation in problem solving and the ability to approach problems in a methodical way; this is a critical skill for any career. Currently, I am responsible for the technical leadership of applied research programmes and core activities related to the Internet of Things and User Interaction at the Nimbus Research Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus. I work with multidisciplinary teams of researchers and industry across Europe developing innovative research solutions for real world problems.”

Garry Bennett - Senior Project Manager at Murrion Software

“My first employment was with Yahoo! as a Junior Developer and within one year, I was promoted to Senior Developer. Another year on, I was promoted to Engineering Manager for the Travel and Autos categories. After four years with Yahoo!, I moved to Sydney and worked as a Project Manager with a leading web development company – SydneyWeb. Due to my experience, I was entrusted with some of its largest and more complex projects which I found very rewarding. I returned to Ireland in December 2007 and launched Both my degree and practical experience aided the development and the launch of the website. Several years later, I currently manage all aspects of many complex and diverse software projects at Murrion Software.” At the 12th Annual Genesis Enterprise Course (GEP) 2010 Awards & Showcase, Garry won the Business Development Achievement Award.


BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems

Gary O’Connor – Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Technical Writer at Google

“As an SRE technical writer, I document internal Google infrastructure, team processes and policies, and operational information related to running Google products and services reliably at scale. Recently, I worked on a 20% project with Google Fiber, helping them with their internal documents. My degree and masters were both heavily focussed on networking that was fully integrated with the Cisco curriculum. In combination with this, my Final Year Project involved deploying services across multiple networks. All of this sparked an interest in networking which continues today. During my masters, I had to digest vast amounts of information about the space I was working in. The ability to understand, create and document complex technical concepts is critical to my day-to-day role. Also, I didn’t enter CIT directly from second-level school. I spent a number of years working before I decided to go back. If I can go back and get a degree from scratch, anyone can. Also, getting to work on the biggest network in the world is awesome!”

Caroline O’Connell - Senior Software Developer at EMC

"After my final year project – a predictive ordering system based on neural networks, an idea that came from my work experience at Musgraves, I began to narrow my interest to development. Since graduating over 7 years ago, I have found that Software Development and Networking (retitled Computer Systems) is in high demand in Ireland as well as other countries. I have been in several IT & Software Development positions including a 2-year position in Rennes, France, where I found that regardless of the native language, IT development remains the same."

Dylan Smyth – PhD candidate

“I’m currently pursuing a PhD in the Nimbus Centre, CIT. I chose Software Development & Computer Networking (retitled Computer Systems) because of the skill-set it offered. Both software and networking are core to most areas of IT, so this programme provided me with a range of opportunities after graduation. During the programme, I completed work placement in the Bon Secours Hospital IT department. It was a fantastic experience to use the skills I had learned and to see my work make a difference in a challenging environment.” Dylan won a RISAM CIT scholarship to undertake a PhD and his Final Year Project won second place prize in the global IEEE COMSOC student competition.


BSc (Hons) in IT Management

Mike Costello – EMEA Information Security Manager at Tyco

“As the EMEA Information Security Manager for Tyco my role is quite diverse. However, the end goal is the same, to help protect the key assets of the company. I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years in various sectors such as telecommunications, pharmaceutical, financial services, and engineering. While the industries are different, the challenges are very similar. The BSc (Honours) in Computer Services Management (retitled IT Management) programme was a perfect blend of technical and management modules. One of the technical modules offered was IT Security, and while I had some exposure to IT Security through work, this module was excellently taught and assisted me in gaining further insight in to areas such as Encryption, Network Security, and Wireless Security to name a few. In addition, the management side of the programme included looking at IT security standards and frameworks which I use today in my job. I can safely say this programme was a key stepping stone for me as my career advanced. Technology is constantly changing, and work environments need to change with it to keep up with the pace. CIT acknowledges this and continuously offers programmes to reflect this dynamic career.“

Joseph Foley – Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst at eSentire

“After I graduated with a BSc (Honours) in Computer Services Management (retitled IT Management), I got employment with a Cyber Security company called eSentire as a Junior SOC analyst. This programme gave me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and the skills required to get employment within the Cyber Security sector. This programme has both management and technical modules which gave me a solid foundation and understanding of network infrastructures and the management skills that are required to gain employment in the IT sector. The security modules intrigued my curiosity in the areas of malware, programming, and network security. I knew this was the sector that I wanted to work in. This programme will teach you all the skills required to gain employment in the IT sector and will develop your understanding how the IT sector can and does drive business. It will also feed your curiosity in all things IT.”

Susan McNicholl - Solution Architect at EY

"After graduating I travelled to India and joined an IT Graduate Programme with Satyam Computer Services, now tech Mahindra.  I spent a year living and working in Hyderabad India working on the design phase of a major IT re-engineering project for a pharmaceutical company.  I was responsible for documenting the technical reporting aspects of the application. My degree course provided me with a great foundation for those early months and years working in the real world with a good mix of both technical and non-technical modules being covered on the course.

Since returning home I have worked in various roles mainly in the utility industry. My experience spans a broad spectrum including Solution Architecture, Project Management, Service Management and operational IT roles. I have worked on major transformation projects in the energy sector across Irish and UK markets in all areas of the energy value chain from generation through to trading, supply and networks.  This has allowed me to develop deep sector expertise and also gain experience in a wide range of IT roles. The importance of understanding the business is one of the key take-away’s I took from my degree course and having the ability to communicate effectively in both technical and business terms is essential as the boundaries are increasingly blurred as we move towards a more digital environment.

I now work in EY as a Solution Architect on major transformation projects for utility clients which span multiple technologies all the way from legacy mainframe systems to cutting edge technologies. The teams we work on tend to be multidisciplinary in nature which is increasingly common today, the skills and experience I gained in CIT prepared me well for a interacting with a wide variety of stakeholders."


BSc (Hons) in Web Development

Dean O’Halloran – Cloud Developer at EMC

“Within two months of completing my Web Development degree in 2015, I was appointed in a permanent position for EMC, Cork, as a cloud developer. EMC is a challenging yet motivating environment where innovation and implementing change is constant and part of my daily job. I'm part of the Global Cloud Services team where I develop cloud services for public and private cloud infrastructures for customers all over the world. CIT provided me with a great foundation to grow my programming skills from the basics to a very advanced level using many different programming languages which I still use daily. I learned how to collaborate in teams, manage projects and gather user requirements effectively. Memorable experiences were my final project where I developed, Android Wear, a wearable & mobile app to help combat childhood obesity and also a 3rd year group project where my team and I developed a buy & sell web application. My work placement in 3rd year was with a software development company (Pilz, Ireland). I would highly recommend Web Development to anyone as the opportunities in IT, especially in Ireland, are endless. The CIT staff and my classmates were great and made the programme very enjoyable. My web development degree is a very valuable asset and will always stand to me in the future. From developing websites to branching out into software, cloud and mobile development, this programme can get you on the right track to be successful in a wide range of IT areas.”


BSc in Software Development

William Lynn – Software Developer at Inhance Technology

“In CIT I learned about all aspects of technology. CIT covers every aspect of Computing from web to App development. On graduating, I had the skills to work on any aspect of software, from high-tech startups, where I developed a climate change computer graphics engine, to smart phone application development. I currently make Android and iPhone apps in the United States and the apps I work on are used by millions of users. The skills I learned in CIT are relevant to my job on a daily basis.” William completed the BSc in Computing (retitled BSc in Software development) and then went on to complete BSc (Hons) in Software Development, followed by a Masters by Research in Software Development.


BSc in Information Technology

Ann-Marie Fitzgerald - ICT Information Security Specialist at LPIS

“I was unsure of what area of IT I wanted to study initially and this programme offered a wide range of modules which allowed me to learn about several areas. Shortly after I graduated, I began working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), Dublin. A few years later, I was promoted to Senior IT Risk & Compliance Specialist, where I performed security risk assessments, security audits and dealt with clients across many areas. I’m now working as an ICT Security Specialist in the Information Security Services Department for Lease Plan Information Services (LPIS). I’d recommend this programme to anyone who is looking for a great basis in different aspects of IT from Web development, Linux to IT Security. When you find your particular interest, you can focus your Final Year project on where your skills lie best and it can guide you into any area of IT.” Ann-Marie initially completed a BSc in IT and then progressed to an add-on year for a BSc (Hons) in Computer Services Management (retitled IT Management).



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