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Undergraduate On-Campus

It’s difficult to be certain of the programme you want to complete before you start it. There’s a large amount of flexibility for students to change Computer Science programmes after first year because:

First year modules are exactly the same for all Computer Science programmes.


First year modules cover the basics of computers and how they work, networking (how things connect to each other and how the Internet works), introduction to solving problems by programming, web development (writing programs to create websites), mathematics and statistics.

The Department of Computer Science offers a wide variety of programmes (from Level 6 to Level 8) that may be completed full-time or part-time. Some of the part-time programmes are delivered on-campus and others are delivered online.

Please see links below for more information on both options:

CLICK HERE to download CIT Computer Science Brochure in PDF format.

The Department of Computer Science also offers Springboard courses (find out more

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