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ITM Schedule


The BSc (Hons) in IT Management programme is delivered over four years. Each year is divided into two 13 week teaching semesters, the programme has a total of 8 semesters. Semesters normally have modules with a value of 5 ECTS credits giving 30 ECTS credits per semester and 60 ECTS credits per year. A 4-year level 8 honours degree has 240 ECTS credits. Elective modules are normally posted at the start of each academic year, sample elective options are shown below.

The tables below list the modules in each semester of the progrmme and contain hyperlinks to module descriptors. Each module descriptor contains detailed information such as learning outcomes, indicative content, assessment methods, etc.

Year 1 - Semester 1


Modules Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
Programming Fundamentals (SOFT6018) Mandatory 5
Web Development Fundamentals (SOFT6007) Mandatory 5
Computer Architecture (COMH6002) Mandatory 5
Computer Security Principles (COMP6035) Mandatory 5
Maths for Computer Science (MATH6055) Mandatory 5
Creativity, Innovation & Teamwork (CMOD6001) Mandatory 5
    CRN No.

YEAR 1 Semester 2

Modules Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
Modular Programming (SOFT6017) Mandatory 5
Introduction to Databases (COMP6041) Mandatory 5
Operating Systems in Practice (COMP604) Mandatory 5
Networking Fundamentals (COMP6027) Mandatory 5
Discrete Mathematics (MATH6004) Mandatory 5
Physical Computing (COMP6043) Mandatory 5
    CRN No.

YEAR 2 - Semester 1

Modules Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
Linux Administration (COMP7036) Mandatory 5
Database Design (SOFT7022) Mandatory 5
Operating Systems (SOFT7006) Mandatory 5
Requirements Engineering (SOFT7007) Mandatory 5
Routing & Switching Concepts (COMP7032) Mandatory 5
Server-side Web Development (SOFT7008) Elective 5
    CRN No.

YEAR 2 - Semest​er 2

Modules Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
Systems Scripting (COMP7044) Mandatory 5
Database Administration (COMP8017) Mandatory 5
Windows Security (COMP7045) Mandatory 5
Virtualisation Technologies (COMP7041) Mandatory 5
Scaling and Managing Networks (COMP7033) Mandatory 5
Internet & Network Services (COMP7011) Elective 5
    CRN No.

YEAR 3 - Semester 1

Modules Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
IT Project Management (COMP7012) Mandatory 5
Network Security (COMP8022) Mandatory 5
Data Centre Virtualisation (SOFT8019) Mandatory 5
Agile Processes (COMP7039) Mandatory 5
Cloud Networking (COMP8055) Elective 5
Group Project (SOFT7003) Mandatory 5
    CRN No.

YEAR 3 - Semester 2

Modules (Option 1) Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
Work Placement/Internship (PLAC7009) Mandatory 30
Modules (Option 2) Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
Emerging Technological Trends (COMP8045) Mandatory 5
Technical Communication Skills (COMP7046) Mandatory 5
Open Source Projects (COMP7047) Mandatory 15
Elective (FREE6001) Mandatory 5
    CRN No.

YEAR 4 - Semester 1

Modules Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
IT Transformation (COMP8031) Mandatory 5
Security Monitoring (COMP8027) Mandatory 5
Enterprise Storage Systems (COMH8001) Mandatory 5
IT Service Management (COMP8019) Mandatory 5
Software-Defined Networking (COMP8052) Elective 5
Project Research Phase (INTR8016) Mandatory 5
    CRN No.

YEAR 4 - Semest​er 2

Modules Mandatory/Elective ECTS Credits
Ethical and Legal Issues in IT (LEGS8001) Mandatory 5
IT Solutions Architecture (COMP8056) Mandatory 5
Security Penetration Testing (COMP8028) Mandatory 5
Security Management (COMP8057) Elective 5
Project Implementation Phase (INTR8015) Mandatory 10
    CRN No.


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