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Laura Katajisto

Lecturer Overview

artificial intelligence Laura Katajisto graduated with an MA in English Translation Studies from the University of Tampere in 2008, specialising in technical communication. She started her tech comms career already in 2001, and has been working, for example, as a technical writer, information designer, project manager, localisation coordinator, and IT system development program manager. In 2016, Laura and her three former colleagues from Nokia and Microsoft set up their own company, Adina Solutions, and Laura is currently the Chief Technology Officer and lead consultant in the company. Laura teaches Document Project Management online for CIT and Visualisation of Documentation locally at the University of Tampere. Laura is a long-term board member of the Finnish Technical Communication Society, currently working as the society's social media manager and webmaster.

Short Description of module

Document Project Management - topic-based design and development in technical communications has introduced new complexities in project management. This module focuses on how to estimate, schedule, and track documents designed and implemented using topics in a collaborative work environment. The module also includes the quality activities that are required to ensure that the documentation produced is accurate and aligned to the intended audience.

What to expect when taking the module

The primary objective of this module is to prepare the students to take on the role of a project manager in their company. The module focuses on the different tasks that are needed to manage information development projects in a modular, collaborative work environment. At the end of the module, the students will have an understanding of project management, project planning, change and risk management, communication and stakeholder management, the special aspects of topic-based content creation, project managers' quality assurance means and competence. development.

Public Recordings

The first two weeks of the module will be made public:

  • Week 1
  • Week 2


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