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evSD Schedule (Part-Time)


This BSc in Software Development programme is delivered part-time by night and is designed as an add-on year for graduates of the Higher Certificate in Software Development programme. The tables below list the modules in each semester of the progrmme and contain hyperlinks to module descriptors. Each module descriptor contains detailed information such as learning outcomes, indicative content, assessment methods, etc.

YEAR (Stage) 3 - SEMESTER 1

Modules Day & Time CRN
Distributed Systems Programming (SOFT8023) Monday 6pm - 10pm 26783
Group Project (SOFT7003) 2019 Not Running N/A
Client-Side Web Development (SOFT7031) 2019 Not Running N/A
Programming for Data Analytics (SOFT8032) Tuesday 6pm - 10pm 26756
Agile Processes (COMP7039) Wednesday 6pm - 10pm 26784
Programming Mobile Devices (SOFT7035) 2019 - Not Running N/A
    CRN No.

YEAR 3 - Semester 2 

Modules (Option 1) Day & Time CRN
Work Placement/Internship (PLAC7009) Weekly 26787
Modules (Option 2) Day & Time CRN
Technical Communication Skills (COMP7046) Monday 6pm - 9pm 27490
Emerging Technological Trends (COMP8045) Tuesday 6pm - 9pm 27489
Open Source Projects (COMP7047) Wednesday 6pm - 10pm 27491
Elective (FREE6001) Varies Varies
    CRN No.


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