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About Us

Computer Science is a rapidly expanding area of technology that we see in many areas of our everyday life, such as smart phone applications, social networking and browsing/purchasing over the Internet. All of these things run on programs that are fast, accurate and fun to use. Computer Science is designing, building and running these programs using hardware (physical Computing devices) and software (programs that run on hardware). There are many exciting industry and research opportunities for CIT Computer Science graduates in roles such as Software Developers, Cybersecurity Specialists, System Administrators, Big Data Scientists, Researchers, and IT Managers.

The field of Computer Science is always growing and changing. Our cities, homes, cars and accessories will become smarter as they connect to the Internet and to each other. New and improved Computing technology will continue to influence home and industry. Computer Science graduates will develop and manage this technology, which could be you, if you decide to study Computer Science in CIT! The Department of Computer Science works closely with industry to create programme content so that when you graduate, you’ll have a significant amount of practical and relevant skills that will benefit you in any IT company. 

There are two main areas of Computer Science and CIT offers programmes in both of them:

  • The Software Development programmes teach you how to design and build new applications.
  • The IT programmes teach you how to work in and/or manage the IT department in a company, how to set up or maintain existing systems and services.

The Department of Computer Science is a member of academic programmes Microsoft Dreamspark and VMWare which gives free software to students. We have a policy of using free, open-source software where possible, such as OpenOffice for writing reports and Eclipse for programming.

We offer four BSc(Hons) courses. All four honours degree programmes have the same modules in first year. This means that, at the end of first year, you can stay with your original degree choice or change course to one which will better suit you. The four BSc(Hons) degrees are in the areas of Software Development, Software Development and Computer Networking, IT Management and Web Development. Not sure what these are? To find out more please CLICK HERE

The BSc(Hons) in Cloud Computing is a one year add-on degree which means you can add on to an existing IT qualification to earn a degree. To find out more please CLICK HERE

The Department of Computer Science offers postgraduate opportunities. You can complete taught Masters in Software Development, Information Design and Development, Information Security, or Cloud Computing. To find out more please CLICK HERE

Alternatively you can pursue a Masters by research which in turn might lead to a PhD. To find out more please CLICK HERE

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