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  1. How do I apply for the programme?

  2. What is the closing date for applying for this programme?

  3. What are the programme fees for the BSc (Hons) in Cloud Computing?

  4. Do I have to pay the €9,000 all at once?

  5. Do my fees change each year?

  6. What is the typical fees schedule?

  7. Are there any extra fees?

  8. How am I invoiced?

  9. When do I need to pay?

  10. I am not a citizen of the EU. Will I be considered for admission, and if so, what fees will I be paying?

  11. What other costs are involved in taking this programme?

  12. Will I have to buy any extra software?

  13. What skills would be useful for someone starting this programme?

  14. What prior knowledge and qualifications will a student need in order to apply?

  15. What if I don't meet the normal eligibility requirements for a course?

  16. I don't have a degree in a Computing discipline, but I have X years experience in IT. Will I be considered for admission?

  17. What is CIT's Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

  18. My degree was not awarded in Ireland. How can I determine the level of my award on the Irish system?

  19. How was the MSc in Information Security conceived?

  20. Is the MSc applied or theoretical in nature?

  21. Are the module lecturers all fulltime academics?

  22. What is the typical weekly timetable?

  23. Can I ask questions during the online lectures?

  24. Are the lectures recorded?

  25. Where can I get more details on each of the modules?

  26. What electives will be offered?

  27. What is the free choice module listed under the electives?

  28. What does a virtual lab look like?

  29. What's involved in the 30-credit project?

  30. Can you give me some project examples?

  31. Do I need to attend CIT for exams?

  32. When will assessments take place?

  33. How long will it take a student to complete the programme?

  34. I have a lot of commitments. Can I take the programme at a slower pace?

  35. I don’t live in Ireland. Can I take this course?

  36. Can I transfer from the MSc to the PGDip and vice versa?

  37. Will all the study be Internet based?

  38. Is this online degree programme accredited?

  39. Will the final degree reflect that I earned it through an online programme?

  40. Is there an orientation programme?

  41. Is attendance at the orientation programme optional?

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