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SeanMcSweeneySeán is a lecturer in Information Security and Internet of Things (IoT) in CIT.  Seán graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UCC. He has expertise in Air Coupled Ultrasonic and Acoustic Sensing and Processing, Information Security, robotics and IoT platforms. He has developed signal processing hardware and software, applied adaptive functions to sensor systems, applied linear and non-linear optimization to electronics systems, used analytical and numerical methods for micro-machined systems design and integration and control system design.

He was successful in filing both European (EPA no: 08105496.7) and US patents relating to front-end electronics for ultrasonic transducers and has been involved in the patenting process for chemical analysis devices. He co-authored a front page publication which appeared in the Analyst, Issue 5, 2014.

Seán is the programme coordinator for the MSc in Information Design and Development and he is also a member of the Ríomh research group.

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