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Part-time Programmes

Level 6, 7 & 8 Programmes


We offer courses at all levels delivered on a part-time basis, some delivered on-campus and others delivered online. The length of time it takes you to complete a course depends on how many modules you take per semester.

Part-time courses are semesterised running September to January and January to May. Classes run Monday to Friday evenings and may run Saturday mornings. The number of nights depends on the number of modules you take. The duration of the course also depends on the number of modules you choose to take. Timetables are not finalised until September.

Modules contain lectures and labs. You will be assessed throughout your modules and may also have a final exam, which takes place at the end of a semester.

CIT has a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) service where learning from all aspects of life may be presented for assessment instead of completing a module

When you have decided which courses best suit you, please follow the links provided to give more information on costs, entry requirements and course content.



This Level 6 programme is designed to provide the student with the education and skills needed to pursue a career as a Software or Computer Technician. After completing this course, you may continue on to the BSc in Software Development.

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BSC IN Software Development - CR_KCOME_7

The BSc in Software Development is a Level 7 programme which will give you an excellent all-round professional qualification, with a solid grounding in many of the areas of Software Development, where you will have the opportunity to focus more on a specific area as you progress through the programme. You will learn the skills and knowledge you need to design and build applications that people use every day, for the desktop PC, for the web, and for mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets). You will be taught how to take a concept/idea from a description and develop it to make a fully working application. You will also develop problem solving and programming skills to solve simple (and eventually complex) real-world problems using computers.

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This is a Level 8 one year add-on honours Bachelor of Science degree in Cloud Computing that requires a primary Computing Qualification. In this fully online programme, an emphasis is placed on cloud computing throughout and this focus is supported by the addition of modules in cloud architectures, networking, virtualisation, storage, security, cloud computing programing, information analytics and individual multidisciplinary projects. This combination of modules along with practical and laboratory workshops provides graduates with an ideal education that will enable them to seek entry to a wide variety of roles and levels of responsibility within the workforce.

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