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Department FAQ


We hope the following FAQs will help you – if we still have not answered your question please contact us directly


  1. How many full-time degrees do you have?

  2. How can I decide between the degrees if I haven’t yet studied any of the material?

  3. Can I switch between the two BSc degrees?

  4. Can I switch from BSc to BSc (Hons) degree after first year?

  5. What about the Cloud Computing degree which I read about?

  6. Will I get the chance to practise what I learn or is it all lectures?

  7. Must I have a laptop?

  8. Will I have to buy expensive software?

  9. I love travel – do you provide any opportunities for travel?

  10. I like that you have work placement but how does it work? Must I find it myself or is help available?

  11. Could I get work placement abroad?

  12. What if I wish to continue my studies when I finish my Honours degree?

  13. You haven’t answered my question – what can I do?

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